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Rebus was the first theme that
we have developed that is based
on entrepreneurship, citizenship
and business life. We have
introduced this curriculum to 20
students from grades 6-12.

Rebus involved 5 types of
organizations (Government,
Bank, Electrical Corporation,
Internet Service Provider and
Startup) and 20 different
roles assigned to students.

Rebus involved 5 Main Challenges (defining their organizations,
establishing legal structures, workforce, sales, and reporting) and 126 Tasks
in total ranging from registering a business, opening a bank account up to
reporting and paying taxes.

Check video here:

Age Group: 6-12 Grades
Class size: 20 children
5 type of organizations: Government, Bank, Electrical Corporation, Internet Service Provider, Startup
Sessions: Mornings, 8 am – 12 am
Afternoons, 1 pm – 5 pm